Tuition & Fees

What you can expect to pay

Massage License Program Tuition                                    $7,500.00 *

Application Fee                                                                     $   100.00

Background Check Fee                                                        $      35.00

Total                                                                                         $7,635.00

* In effect July 1, 2019.

Tuition is All-Inclusive – No Hidden Fees

The cost of tuition is all inclusive and consists of text books, NIMA uniform, Lotion & Holster for student use, Linens for student use, and State Licensing Fee. See course catalog for specific details.

Tuition Payment Options

NIMA offers interest-free tuition payment arrangements and payment options designed to allow students to graduate debt free. The terms of such plans are outlined in each student’s enrollment agreement. We also encourage our students to seek out options for external financial assistance.

Installment Payment Plan: Payment Plans are available with a $500.00 dollar down payment. Please contact the Registrar for more information.